Database Solutions

To help store information on a well managed and easy to access database, FUSIO uses the fastest, most reliable and intelligent searchable database technologies in the industry, running on rock-solid, high-availability hardware.

We can integrate this database technology with existing IT systems, creating a seamless connection right to users’ desktops.

FUSIO database solution services include:

  • Back-end Administration: The system includes a password protected web-based facility to fully administer all database entries, whilst also facilitating the addition and deletion of data.
  • Copy Control: The database administration area allows for the editing of copy (text or content) throughout the site. All areas whether static or semi-dynamic have a text area that can be edited whenever the need arises. This would be done through the browser and require no HTML or related skills, meaning that the site can be managed effectively by any member of staff.
  • Site Search: FUSIO are experts in developing integrated search engines that index all HTML documents, database information, the content of all PDF and Word documents as well as indexing the Meta Data of other document formats (video or audio clips etc). Advanced search options allow the search to be restricted to certain sections of the site.