Multimedia Design

FUSIO produce interactive presentations and CD-ROM media that allow clients to escape the potential limitations of bandwidth restrictions. Productions can therefore be media-rich showcases with impressive graphics, sound and animations.

Whether promoting a brand, distributing software or simply making an impact, FUSIO can transform communications into a memorable experience for your audience.

FUSIO Multimedia Design services include:

  • DVD: For video-based productions, especially those that will be viewed on TV rather than computer monitors, DVD is the ideal medium. DVD presentations can consist of simple, high-quality video or be fully interactive, with users able to navigate content.
  • CD-ROM: A cost effective, widely compatible format to deliver dynamic promotional material. CD-ROMs can even be linked to websites to create a seamless user experience. Phased investment means that a small quantity can be produced initially with duplicates created thereafter to meet demand.
  • Kiosk: These are an increasingly popular promotional tool. FUSIO have extensive experience of kiosk installations, which can be maintained remotely, giving peace of mind as well as valuable customer interaction data without the expense of supervision.
  • Screen Saver: A simple but effective method of promotion. Even within the office space, unused computer screens can become an advertising medium. And with the ability to grab updated content from the web, screen savers can continue to attract attention.
  • Duplication: CD-ROM and DVD duplication are part of FUSIO’s service offering, whilst also providing customised disc surfaces and packaging to create a distinctive look and feel.