A History of Innovation

We’ve been around so long in internet years we’ve seen a lot come and go.  FUSIO started as a CDROM development company but quickly got involved in the world wide web with our 14.4 modems and Netscape version 1 browsers.

1995 – Founded – enhanced CD Rom

Fusio launched as a company with a free enhanced CDROM distributed in every new Mac in Ireland.  An enhanced CD was a multimedia CDROM that also played as an audio CD. From this we got our first client, Trident Press who we are delighted to still have as a client all these years later.

1996 – We went global

http://web.archive.org/web/19961223025248/http://www.fusio.ie/  Like we said, the internet was a strange place in those days.  There was no interconnections in Ireland so any local traffic going to an Irish site had to go via the US, hence this idea of co hosting. Plus the internet slowed down when the Americans woke up and started using it too.

1996 – Dublin VR

Quicktime VR was all the rage – an early form of Street View was developed by FUSIO for Dublin. We got hold of a spinning camera that did a 360 degree exposure onto one piece of 35mm film.  We did about 12 locations around Dublin.  Google then copied this idea.

1997 – Entertainment.ie

For the launch of Internet Explorer 4 FUSIO were asked to come up with an idea that could be used as one of their desktop channels for the Irish market.  Our concept was an entertainment listings site for Ireland and that was how Entertainment.ie was born. And 16 years later it’s going from strength to strength – more than can be said for Internet Explorer 4!

1999 – The mobile web is born.

It may seem like something that is only taking off now but Fusio launched our first mobile services in 1999 on the WAP platform with Digifone (before they became o2).  Usability was not quite iPhone like and the screens weren’t even colour but that was the start of the mobile revolution.  The main phone was the Nokia 7110 as seen in the Matrix.

2001 – Ireland’s first online dating site is born.

At the beginning people thought no-one would ever meet anyone over the internet…..  but it didn’t take long for that attitude to change!


2005 – iMode

Another step forward in mobile development was the introduction of the iMode system by o2.  Fusio developed sites for entertainment.ie and Met Éireann for it but to be honest it didn’t last too long as newer technologies soon made it obsolete.

2007 – Entertainment.ie grows up and leaves home

With the success of Entertainment.ie, Fusio set it up as a separate company and received a major investment from the Irish Times for a share in it.  The two companies still work together closely – which is made easier by our offices being in the same building!

2009 – Dublin Bikes

We got in a little bit of trouble, but we made a lovely little app that everyone wanted.