FUSIO are Ireland’s leading web strategy, design & development company, specialising in the creation of bespoke front-end and back-end solutions for a wide variety of clients in both the private and public sectors.

As our successful track-record proves, FUSIO have both the resources and the ability to consistently deliver the highest level of web services that our clients demand.

Established in 1996 and based in central Dublin, FUSIO have built-up invaluable experience and technical insight over the years which enable us to offer a variety of specialist web services to our clients. The scope of our services includes web strategy, interface design, back-end development (database, content management and e-commerce), accessibility, search engine optimisation, mobile solutions, multimedia design as well as hosting and email.

Connected Since 1995


Founded – enhanced CD Rom

Fusio launched as a company with a free enhanced CDROM distributed in every new Mac in Ireland. An enhanced CD was a multimedia CDROM that also played as an audio CD. From this we got our first client, Trident Press who we are delighted to still have as a client all these years later.


We went global

Like we said, the internet was a strange place in those days. There was no interconnections in Ireland so any local traffic going to an Irish site had to go via the US, hence this idea of co hosting. Plus the internet slowed down when the Americans woke up and started using it too.


Dublin VR

Quicktime VR was all the rage – an early form of Street View was developed by FUSIO for Dublin. We got hold of a spinning camera that did a 360 degree exposure onto one piece of 35mm film.  We did about 12 locations around Dublin. Google then copied this idea.

Our Approach

Our Team