Our Team

Yes, we’re human, the faces behind the email addresses….

Diarmaid has been the Managing Director of Fusio since 2008 and is responsible for all aspects of the business.

Creative Director since 1995. Director and Shareholder since the foundation of FUSIO.

Responsible for technical development. His skills include T SQL, Visual Basic Script (asp), JavaScript programming, HTML, CSS, Access, SQL server.

She is renowned for designing imaginative web interfaces that focus on usability and effective content presentation.

Tony’s skills include: MS SQL Server, MySQL, IIS, PHP, jQuery, Phonegap, Android Development.

Cansu’s development skills Include: Android Development, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Ionic framework, HTML, Wordpress Development

Cian’s skills: HTML5, CSS3, Wordpress, Bootstrap, Responsive Web Design,Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Javascript, jQuery, PHP

Responsible for all company finance and accounts. We don’t know what we would do without her.