Hosting some of the most popular websites in Ireland

FUSIO’s hosting facilites are located at the Sungard facility in ParkWest, Dublin.  Depending on your needs we can host on our own servers or on servers using Sungard’s Cloud hosting environment.  We develop and host on a variety of platforms including Windows / SQL Server and WordPress / MySQL.We have developed hundreds of database powered sites  including some of the most popular websites in Ireland and a range of highly prominent public sector sites that are hosted with us.


  • All our servers are fully firewalled and are patched and updated regularly.
  • The data on them is backed up to a secure external cloud based location.
  • Access to the Data Centre is highly restricted and can only be arranged by prior authorisation with Fusio / Sungard

Some of our clients have their own hosting arrangements and in these cases we will work with the client to install and configure their new site or service wherever it is hosted.

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