Getting the balance right

FUSIO advocate that great web design means getting the balance right. Websites should not just be beautiful to look at but also easy to use and relevant to visitors. We achieve this by applying best practice in what makes users stay on a site and what makes them come back.

Consistency of design is one of the key elements that we consider when developing a website. A critical factor is the adaptation of existing client branding for the web, whereby we will adhere to identity guidelines where applicable or when necessary, be creative within set constraints.

Styling is only visual, whereas finding what you are looking for is imperative. Navigation must be intuitive and standardised throughout a site for ease of understanding. It should be obvious to users how to browse content throughout and find the information they are searching for.

Our designs add this value and enhance the users’ experience of a site without detracting from the functionality.

FUSIO design services include:

  • Brand Identity: Creative exploration of concepts showing treatment of brand-mark, typography, colours etc until arriving at a final design.
  • Front-end Design: Creation of webpage layouts, visual navigation elements, Flash animations and HTML/CSS templates.
  • Site Architecture: Sitemap structure and wireframe prototypes.
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